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学術大会のおしらせ : Cancellation of the Hokkaido Geographical Society Spring Meeting 2020
投稿者 :  投稿日時: 2020-04-02

Thank you for your cooperation in the activities of the Hokkaido Geographical Society.
Covid-19 (a new type of coronavirus infection) has spread in Japan and abroad, and the situation is unpredictable. In response to these circumstances, the Hokkaido Geographical Society will hold a joint meeting with the Hokkaido Geographical Society Spring Meeting and the Humanities Geographical Society (special meeting) scheduled to be held in Sapporo City on June 27 and 28, 2020. I decided to forego it.
We will continue to carefully examine various possibilities for suspension / postponement and will notify you as soon as the outline is finalized. We deeply apologize to all those who were planning to attend, and pray that this emergency will end as soon as possible.
Future plans will be announced on the Hokkaido Geographical Society's website. If you are going to attend, please check the website.

学術大会のおしらせ : Announcement of the 2020 Spring Academic Conference
投稿者 :  投稿日時: 2019-12-13

Announcement of the 2020 Spring Academic Conference (Breaking news)

1 Date and time June 27 (Sat) and 28 (Sun), 2020
  27th AM: General presentation and general meeting
  27th afternoon: Symposium “Thinking about locality in Hokkaido”
  Coordinator: Katsuhiko Yamashita (Hokkaido Geographical Society President)
  27th night: party
  28th: Science Day Trip

2 27th Venue: Kaderu 2.7
  (Sapporo City Chuo-ku Kita 2-jo Nishi 7-chome Dominant Activity Center Building)

学術大会のおしらせ : Best Paper Award 2019
投稿者 :  投稿日時: 2019-07-03

Best Paper Award 2019


“Reconstructing of Historical Landscape of Military Camps Made in Hakodate, Ezo Province about the Half of Nineteenth Century” Geographical Studies, 89, 26-37.


“Fill the Life with Hunting: Today’s ‘Forest People’ in the Interior Borneo” Geographical Studies, 89, 26-37.