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学術大会のおしらせ : Hokkaido Geographical Society Autumn Conference: Science Day Trip information
投稿者 :  投稿日時: 2019-09-11

Hokkaido Geographical Society Autumn Academic Conference (co-sponsored by the Tohoku Geographical Society) : Science Day Trip information

Date: Sunday, September 15, 2019
Tour theme: Current situation around the hypocenter of the Hokkaido Iburi Eastern Earthquake in 2018

We plan to attach the outcrop. Please wear sports shoes such as sneakers.

1 Meeting time: 8:45 (Please keep time)
Note) When you arrive at the meeting place, be sure to provide your name, etc. to the person in charge (meeting committee).

2 Departure time: 9:00 (Bus departure time)

3 Bus stop: Sapporo Station North Exit Group Bus Stop (Scheduled to use Niseko Bus)

4 Meeting place: Sapporo Station North Exit (center) “Bell Square”(Kane no hiroba)
Sapporo Station map:

学術大会のおしらせ : Program of the 2019 Fall Conference of the Hokkaido Geographical Society
投稿者 :  投稿日時: 2019-09-02

Program of the 2019 Fall Conference of the Hokkaido Geographical Society (co-sponsored by Tohoku Geographical Association)

The announcement program has been released. Please see from the following site.

 Tournament program
 Tohoku Geographical Society Fall Academic Conference

September 14 (Sat)-15 (Sun), 2019
Venue: Hokkai Gakuen University
Co-organizer: Tohoku Geographical Association

学術大会のおしらせ : Announcement of the 2019 Fall Conference of the Hokkaido Geographical Society
投稿者 :  投稿日時: 2019-07-06

Announcement of the 2019 Fall Conference of the Hokkaido Geographical Society
(jointly held with the Tohoku Geographical Association)

<Caution! > Applications for presentation, participation to social gatherings and patrols etc. will be from the Tohoku Geographical Association. Please note that Hokkaido Geography Society does not accept applications.

Tohoku Geographical Association Web Site:

1. Date September 14 (Sat)-15 (Sun) 2019

2. Venue Hokkaid Gakuen University, Toyohira Campus Building No. 7 (〒 062-8605 Asahicho, Toyohira-ku, Sapporo City 062-8605)
(Sapporo City Subway Toho Line "Gakuen-mae" station, direct connection to Exit 3)

3. September 14 (Sat)
9:30-16:40 Research Presentation
18:00-20:00 Party

September 15 (Sun)
9:00-16:30 Science Day Trip
※ Each item is scheduled time, and may be changed depending on the status of the presentation application.

4. Research presentation
Oral presenters and lead presenters must be members of the Tohoku Geographical Association or members of the Hokkaido Geographical Society. The oral presentation of the same presenter is limited to one in principle. The presenter must submit the abstract before the competition. Please see the Tohoku Geographical Association website for the preparation procedure and the means of submission.

5. Party
Venue Hokkai Gakuen University Collegiate Cafeteria
Fee 5,000 yen (2,000 yen for students and graduate students)
※ Please pay the fee at the venue on the day

6. Science Day Trip
Theme "The present condition around the epicenter of the Hokkaido Ibiki Tobu Earthquake"

(1) JR Sapporo Station North Exit 9:00
(2) Sapporo City Liquefaction Area
(3) Atsuma Town around the epicenter area
(4) Mukawa Town Hote Museum
(5) New Chitose Airport
(6) JR Sapporo Station North Exit 17:00 Dissolution

Limit the number of people: 40 (in order of application)
Participation fee: 4,000 yen

7. Application method
Application for presentation, participation for social gathering and tour, etc. will be application from the Tohoku Geographical Association. Please note that Hokkaido Geography Society does not accept applications.

(1) Application from the Tohoku Geographical Association website
Please fill out the "Academic Convention Application Form" on the Tohoku Geographical Association website and send it. If it is sent correctly, we will automatically reply to that effect, so please be sure to check. If you can not send correctly, please apply using the following two methods.

(2) E-mail and fax
Please fill in the application form on the academic website and send it to the address below.
Research presentation: August 21 (Wednesday)
Party: September 4 (Wednesday)
※ Please apply in advance for the convenience of the venue reservation as much as possible.
Science Day Trip: September 4 (Wednesday)

Address: Tohoku Geographical Association Office
〒 980-8578 Department of Geography, Faculty of Science, Tohoku University
FAX: 022-711-0593
E-mail: tgajim<at>

8. Note
The program will not be mailed.
The program will be released on the website of Tohoku Geographical Association on August 31 (Saturday).
In our society, we do not arrange accommodation. Please make your own reservation.


学術大会のおしらせ : Best Paper Award 2019
投稿者 :  投稿日時: 2019-07-03

Best Paper Award 2019


“Reconstructing of Historical Landscape of Military Camps Made in Hakodate, Ezo Province about the Half of Nineteenth Century” Geographical Studies, 89, 26-37.


“Fill the Life with Hunting: Today’s ‘Forest People’ in the Interior Borneo” Geographical Studies, 89, 26-37.

学術大会のおしらせ : Hokkaido Geographical Society - Academic conference in 2019
投稿者 :  投稿日時: 2019-06-12

Hokkaido Geographical Society - Academic conference in 2019

・June 30, 2019 9:00 to 17:00
・Hokkai Gakuen University (北海学園大学) No. 7 hall, D-31 classroom

Program: Open 8:30
【General research presentation】 ※ Oral presentation 15 minutes, Question 5 minutes

<9:00 〜12:00>
1. People's cognition of action project and research activity: a case of Imja Glacial Lake Project, Nepal  Weiqi Liu(北大・院)
2. Reviewing studies on recreational trails: A theoretical basis for China’s relevant research
  Jian Ke(北大・院)
3. Impact of recreational activities on an unmanaged alpine campsite: The case of Kuro-Dake Campsite, Daisetsuzan National Park, Japan  Ting Wang (北大・院)and Teiji Watanabe(北大)
4. UAV-Derived mapping of spillway lakes in the Everest region, Nepal  Mohan B. Chand(北大・院), Teiji Watanabe(北大) and Yusuke Kobayashi(北大・院)
5. Integrating GIS/RS and Machine Learning techniques to monitor urban expansion  Armstrong Ngolo(北大・院) and Teiji Watanabe(北大)
6. Cultivation and wildlife conservation in Southern Tanzania's Savannah  Atupelye, W. Komba(北大・院) and Teiji Watanabe(北大)
7. 高等学校用地理B教科書における北海道の集落地理に関わる記述−「屯田兵村」と「殖民区画」−   金森正郎(北海道小樽潮陵高校)
8. 「地理総合」必修化時に使用できるGISコンテンツの作成 木村圭司(奈良大)
9. 札幌市立中学校における修学旅行先の選択に関する一考察 初澤敏生(福島大)

--- Lunch Break  12:00〜13:00 ---

10. 生乳輸送の地理学及び地域科学から見た課題  土井時久(岩手県立大・名誉教授)
11. 北海道胆振東部地震前後における企業立地の動向・変化 菊地達夫(北翔大)
12. アポイ岳周辺の気温特性  高橋伸幸(北海学園大)
13. 北海道大学・人文地理学教室におけるフリー・ソフトウェアの活用事例  仁平尊明(北大)

【Forum: Toward a New Geography Class in High School-Focusing on GIS Practice】14:35 〜 16:35

【General Assembly】 16:35 〜 17:00

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