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学術大会のおしらせ : Hokkaido Geographical Society Autumn Conference: Science Day Trip information
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Hokkaido Geographical Society Autumn Academic Conference (co-sponsored by the Tohoku Geographical Society) : Science Day Trip information

Date: Sunday, September 15, 2019
Tour theme: Current situation around the hypocenter of the Hokkaido Iburi Eastern Earthquake in 2018

We plan to attach the outcrop. Please wear sports shoes such as sneakers.

1 Meeting time: 8:45 (Please keep time)
Note) When you arrive at the meeting place, be sure to provide your name, etc. to the person in charge (meeting committee).

2 Departure time: 9:00 (Bus departure time)

3 Bus stop: Sapporo Station North Exit Group Bus Stop (Scheduled to use Niseko Bus)

4 Meeting place: Sapporo Station North Exit (center) “Bell Square”(Kane no hiroba)
Sapporo Station map: